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We have been using CodeCombat for years to teach programming while playing a video game. They really have done an amazing job of making programming fun for those who have never programmer before.

We wrote a grant that was funded by the Children Services Council of Palm Beach County to host a county wide CodeCombat competition with students from our community center partners. Students will be able to earn points for prizes by reaching various levels in CodeCombat as well as points for the most levels in the week. At the of Spring, each after-school program will pick their 5 best programmers and in May will come to Florida Atlantic University and compete against their peers in an 8 hour programming competition. The group of 5 will start over at the first level and will work together as a team to program as many levels as possible. We are working with a local company with lots of programmers who will interview with each team and the team will then draft a programmer to be on their team for the day. We are really excited about the potential of this program.