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The Mission of STEM HQ is to develop self-sustainable models for educational robotics programs that engage young minds in building science, technology, engineering, and math skills, while simultaneously inspiring innovation and creativity. Additionally, to enable students to work collaboratively in a team environment and fostering well-rounded life capabilities, including self-confidence, communication, and leadership.

How are we accomplishing this mission?


At the end of each school day, many students are involved with sports-laden extra-curricular activities. They are usually involved in organized athletic leagues.  We don’t think robotics should be any different from little league sports, which is why our student teams do competitive robotics at TechGarage.

Our Robotics League model isn’t much different from a sports league. Groups of students create their own or are assigned to teams and are assigned a challenge. Team members create and program robots so they can execute the required challenges. The league hosts periodic tournaments for teams to compete against each other. The competitive spirit allows students to be engaged as they try to outperform their peers on the field.

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TechGarage is a concept developed by the minds here at STEM HQ that represents the epitome of a long-term self-sustainable education robotics model.

TechGarage would become a centralized robotics workspace. By pooling resources across multiple teams such as lego kits, countless tools, and mentors and experienced robotics students, this allows us to minimize barriers to entry into the robotics arena while also maximizing avenues to success.

TechGarage would also feature a membership-based toolshop for entrepreneurs, artists, hobbyists, and engineers across the area to come and use; membership fees from members using this toolshop (which contains top-of-the-line financially-limiting tools) would go towards funding more educational robotics programs, creating a self-sustainable model.

To learn more about the TechGarage concept, visit our page.


TechGarage has addressed the need for increased STEM exposure to at-risk youth and minorities by introducing these students to STEM concepts within their community setting. We’ve successfully scaled our competitive robotics program so that students in local community centers can meet, build and program their robots and drones, and practice at their own community centers. These students then come to the TechGarage to show off their skills on competition days.

At-risk, teams, like the teams that meet at the Tech Garage, are encouraged to meet at least twice per week. We are mindful of the need to have relevant mentors for these program so we recommend and hire our robotics coaches from the College of Engineering at FAU.